Setting out on a journey

Hello everyone, good to see you here!

You making it this far suggests you have some sort of interest in Art Noveau or Jugendstil architecture, which is really great! As you can see, the blog is rather empty at the moment but I will try to make up for that real soon. My aim is to photographically document all the known Jugendstil buildings in the city of Trondheim (Norway) and while I have already compiled a database of around 30% of the buildings, there’s so much more to cover and the task is rather monumental. This also means that until the work is done the blog will be stuck in a perpetual work-in-progress state. So thanks for your patience and for sticking around 🙂

I’ve envisioned this blog as a place where I will not only post photographs but also whatever information I can find on the buildings themselves. This will significantly prolong the whole process and it may happen that I revisit the ‘old posts’ and keep adding information whenever I run into something of importance.

I will most likely return to this introductory post as well and elaborate further on the project.

Until then, there’s a body of my other photographic work which can be seen at 17 seconds photography here and here.


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