Arkitekt Christies gate 4abc


Kicking off with the first batch of architecture photos with a building complex in, as the title says, Arkitekt Christies gate 4 a-b-c. Two upper maps show you the location of the street within the inner city of Trondheim and my more than brilliant Photoshop skills indicate the building in question 🙂

I will keep this layout concept for all of the ensuing posts: maps with locations + images and words, where applicable. There’s things to translate from Norwegian too, so I’ll be returning to posts and update them with more info and more photos.

This building complex is one of my favourite ones in the city and I keep returning to photograph it. The images posted here are taken on different days, in different weather conditions and with different equipment as it is evident from the photos (Canon’s 10-20mm lens makes for quite some distortions).

I heard some people referring to the building as ‘Det Engelske kvarter’ or ‘The English Quarter’, but I wonder whether that should in fact include the entire block? Guess I’ll have to dig deeper and find out more about it. UPDATE: Nope, Arkitektur i 1000 ĂĄr : en arkitekturguide for Trondheim mentions solely this building by that name.

Even though the street was named after an architect, Mr Christie had nothing to do with the building. It was rather another man, the most prolific Jugendstil architect in Trondheim, Johan Osness, who is also responsible for a number of other houses and buildings on the same block. Images will follow in future posts. The ensemble at Arkitekt Christies gate 4 a-b-c was built in 1904.



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