Julen in Trondheim

Hello folks!

Juletiden is upon us and it already seems quite likely that there won’t be any ‘white Christmas’ this year. However, there was some snow leading up to mid-December but it didn’t stick around for too long. The ice, on the other hand, did, and I was happy to have invested in a solid pair of boots to help prevent undignified falls and broken bones. In case you didn’t know, Trondheim is a very hilly town and just when you think you can’t be standing higher than you already are, there’s another steep street leading upwards. So imagine then braving these ridiculously steep hills with their frozen streets up and down on a daily basis! It is indeed challenging, to say the least.

However, not all is gloom and doom. Trondheim’s central square was hosting a lovely Julemarkedet (Xmas market) which was all too short if you ask me, it lasted for a mere 10 days. There was lots of traditional food to taste in the lavvoen (traditional Sami tent), all kinds of goodies at Bondens marked (Farmers’ market) such as lax (salmon), moose and reindeer meat, various types of sausages, but also locally roasted coffee, chocolate pralines, pastries, syltetøy (marmalade), cheese, etc. The huts surrounding Torvet (main square) were hosting artisan and homemade arts and crafts, more chocolate, winter paraphernalia and Christmas decorations. You name it, they had it, along with the rich music programme and talks. Below are some shots taken during the day and evening to give you an impression of the whole thing.

Alas, I digress. What I actually wanted to say is that the days have been mostly grey, rainy and dark, not really architectural-photography-friendly. I’m always going around with my camera but I wasn’t really too satisfied with the results of architecture shots in these weather conditions. Therefore, until the light gets better, I’ll be posting images that I managed to take before the onset of the unstable weather. As for now, enjoy your holidays, go easy on the food, and I’ll be back with more Jugendstil posts next year.  🙂

God Jul og godt nytt år!

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