Dronningens gate 10

Aaaand we’re back!

First month of the new year and the weather hasn’t changed significantly for photography, therefore I’m still using the images I took some months prior.

On today’s menu we have a complex on Dronningens gate which used to be a Hovedpostkontoret (aka Posthuset), or the main post office in town. Not long ago, an opportunity to explore the interior has presented itself unexpectedly so I went to check it out and snap some shots. The building has been formally closed to the public since the post terminated its operations there back in 2013 and moved office to the basement of an unsightly structure which is also a home to Burger King and a glassware shop. As of now, Hovedpostkontoret‘s future role and/or function is still unknown and I find it heartbreaking that such a beautiful and purposefully built piece is just left there to its own devices. Waiting for the highest bidder perhaps? 😦


The monumental and imposing edifice was one of Karl Norum‘s last masterpieces before he died in 1911. He may have left ‘only’ six buildings of Jugendstil style in Trondheim, but those are some of the most famous and most beautiful buildings in town.

Norum started off as a trainee at a construction company-cum-architect-studio of Jakob Digre which, at the time, heralded the development of prefabricated houses in dragestil (dragon style). Some of Norum’s church designs were done in this style but the main inspiration for Hovedpostkontoret clearly stemmed from Middle Ages, something that is visible in both the appearance and decoration of the building whose outer walls and façade are a mixture of natural stones, rough-cut granite and plastered brick.

Look out for the whimsical details on the façade.


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